Car Rental Malagasy

Are you looking for a rental car – car hire in Madagascar?

If you want the freedom to organise your independent holiday, road trip or tour in Madagascar. Car rental with a driver included in Madagascar: for save and cheap car rental, comfortable car rental and allround car hire service: Jean Be Car rental Madagascar! Easy and convenient with a good selection of rental cars and vans available. Organise your own Madagascar tour with Jean Be Rental Cars Madagascar.

Car rental is available for a minimum of 5 days and we have all types of rental cars and vans at your disposal.

Car Rental Madagascar is save and easy with Jean Be Rental Cars Madagascar. Comfortable cars, low prices and good service! Whether you want to hire a car or van for business or pleasure, Jean Be Rental Cars has the right rental cars in Madagascar for you.

Please remember to always bring your driving license, a valid credit card and additional proof of identity.

Car hire information

Included: The rental cars include a driver, driver accommodation and food; Car insurance.
Not included: fuel, road taxes, car parking fees.

Our experienced drivers speak both English and French.

Hyundai Galloper 2 Intercooler Turbo 4Wd (AC)

Road Possibilities : main roads only
Drive : 4WD Diesel
Mileage : 13 liters per 100 km
Doors : 5
Seats : 4 (a driver + 3 tourists or a driver, an assistant guide + 2 tourists)

Model / Year: 2001
Price per Day: € 75/ € 80 / € 90/ € 100 / € 150/ € 200 / € 300

Driver: included

* The road conditions in Madagascar can range from average to very poor, with the latter being more common. As a result, it is important to have proper driving experience and skills to navigate these conditions. Additionally, the road conditions can also have an impact on the cars and materials used. The cost of car rental can vary depending on the specific region, road conditions, and fuel availability. For example, driving to Tsingy may cost around 150 euros per day, including fuel. On the other hand, driving south, which mainly uses tarmac roads, may cost between 55 to 70 euros per day, not including fuel.

If you want to rent a car, please contact us to determine the availability of the cars and to discuss your wishes, requirements and other options.

Why you should consider a car rental with a driver

Driving a car in Madagascar can be quite an adventure and it is – generally – not a good idea to do it yourself.
Especially because an experienced driver is not that expensive at all.

In Madagascar you will encounter road conditions that are probably quite different from those in your home country. Roads in Madagascar are mainly unpaved dirt roads and in many cases insufficiently maintained, have poor signage and are usually not lit at night.

You share accessible roads with, for example, pedestrians, animals, bicycles, animal carts, slow large trucks and lots of fast and unpredictably moving minibuses. Careful attention and careful driving are essential. Moreover, you will not find many gas stations, let alone a roadside restaurant.

Due to weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances, roads and bridges can prove impossible to access. Police checkpoints and language barriers can also cause delays.

Use an experienced local driver: the driver is responsible for vehicle maintenance, knows the route, behavior on and around the road and can act as your tour guide and translator. Our advice … sit back, relax, look at the beautiful landscape and enjoy an adventurous, fairly unique and safe vacation road trip in Madagascar, with a driver…:-)!