Madagascar Azur

Tsiribihina river, Tsingy de Bemaraha, Kirindy forest, Baobabs Alley, Coastal trail and beaches, Classic south, Train to Manakara, Ranomafana national park, Andasibe safari

On this extensive route we will take you on a breathtaking journey through the center and south of Madagascar. Experience diverse landscapes ranging from tropical rainforests to arid deserts, from dramatic rock formations to idyllic white-sand beaches. Along the way, immerse yourself in the local culture and meet friendly locals in remote villages and bustling towns.

From traversing the highlands and vast grasslands to riding the only train in Madagascar and cruising on serene canals, this trip promises a multitude of unforgettable experiences. Marvel at the endless rice terraces, discover the fascinating customs and traditions of the tribes, and collect many wonderful memories.

This can easily be the trip of a lifetime!

  • Antananarivo, the capital
  • Tsiribihina river on motor boat
  • Tsingy of Bemaraha (National park of Bemaraha)
  • Kirindy forest reserve
  • Night walk at Kirindy forest
  • Baobab alley (Morondava)
  • Coastal trail and beaches (Belo sur Mer, Manja, Andavadoaka, Ambatomiloha and Ifaty resort)
  • Route Nr. 7 (Zombitsy vohibasia park ,Isalo national park, Anja reserve, Ranomafana national park)
  • Andringitra national park (Hiking – Camping)
  • Fianarantsoa – Train to Manakara
  • Excursion on the Pangalane canals (Manakara)
  • Night walk at Ranomafana
  • Ranomafana national park
  • Peyrieras reptiles farm at Marozevo
  • Night walk at Andasibe
  • Analamazaotra national park
  • Ilot de lodge vakona
  • Antananarivo, the capitalMadagascar Azur: Tsiribihina, Tsingy of Bemaraha, Creek of Andavadoaka, South, west Coast (Salary or Ambatomiloa), Seaside resort of Ifaty, Classic south, train to Manakara , Analamazaotra NP, Antananarivo the Capital Including:
    1. Transport by private vehicle, fuel, a driver, an assistant guide
      Antananarivo – Antsirabe
      Antsirabe – Miandrivazo
      Miandrivazo – Masiakapy
    2. Transport by private vehicle, fuel, a driver, an assistant guide:
      Belo sur Tsiribihina port – Bekopaka
      Bekopaka – Big tsingy car parking – Bekopaka
      Bekopaka – Small Tsingy car parking – Bekopaka
      Bekopaka – Kirindy forest
      Kirindy forest – Baobab avenue – Morondava
    3. Transport by private vehicle, fuel, a driver, an assistant guide:
      Morondava – Belo sur Mer
      Belo sur Mer – Manja
      Manja – Andavadoaka
      Andavadoaka – Ambatomiloha
      Ambatomiloha – Ifaty
    4. Transport by private vehicle , fuel, a driver, an assistant guide:
      Ifaty – Tulear – Zombitsy vohibasia park – Isalo window – Ranohira
      Ranohira – Isalo national park – Ranohira
      Ranohira – Anjaha reserve – Ambalavao
      Ambalavao – Fianarantsoa
      Fianarantsoa – Manakara
      Manakara – Pangalana canal port – Manakara
      Manakara – Ranomafana – Night walk – Ranomafana
      Ranomafana – Ranomafana national park – Ambositra
      Ambositra – Antananarivo
      Antananarivo – Marozevo – Andasibe – Night walk – Andasibe
      Andasibe – Analamazaotra national park – Ilot de lodge – Andasibe – Antananarivo
    5. Accommodation:Antananarivo (1 night) / Antsirabe (1 night) / Miandrivazo (1 night) / Tsiribihina river (1 night at the camp site) / Bekopaka (3 nights) / Kirindy forest (1 night) / Morondava (1 night) / Belo sur Mer (1 night) / Manja (1 night) / Andavadoaka (1 night) / Ambatomiloha (3 nights) / Ifaty (1 night) / Ranohira (2 nights) / Ambalavao (1 night) / Andringitra national park (1 night at the camp site) / Fianarantsoa (1 night) / Manakara (1 night) / Ranomafana (1 night) / Ambositra (1 night ) / Antananarivo (1 night) / Andasibe (1 night) / Antananarivo (1 night).
    6. Continental breakfast:Antananarivo / Antsirabe / Miandrivazo / Bekopaka / Kirindy forest / Morondava / Belo sur Mer / Manja / Andavadoaka / Ambatomiloha / Ifaty / Ranohira / Ambalavao / Fianarantsoa / Manakara / Ranomafana / Ambositra / Antananarivo / Andasibe / Antananarivo
    7. Parks, Reserves and local guides:Snorkeling at Nosimanjaboaky and Ambatomiloha / Reniala baobab reserve at Ifaty Mangily / Turtle reserve at Ifaty Mangily / Zombitsy Vohibasia park / Isalo national park / Anjaha reserve / Night walk at Ranomafana / Ranomafana national park / Peyrieras reptiles farms at Marozevo / Night walk at Andasibe / Analamazaotra national park / Ilot de lodge Vakona
    8. Miandrivazo – Masiakapy – Tsiribihina river – Nosinapela waterfall – Tsingy de Bemaraha – Kirindy forest – Baobabs alley – Morondava:
      Full board on the Tsiribihina river / Formalities at the police office in Miandrivazo and Masiakapy / A motor boat and boatmen / Mineral water on the river and at the Tsingy visits / Camping equipment on the river / Entrance fee at the waterfall of Nosinapela / A sports-utility vehicle (SUV) during 5 days / Entrance to the Tsingy of Bemaraha and a local guide / The ferry boats in Belo sur Tsiribihina and Bekopaka Andadoany / All facilities on the tour / An assistant guide during the tours / Communal taxes at Masiakapy: Gendarmes or Soldiers, Boarding fee / 1st diurnal visit at Kirindy forest / Night walk at Kirindy forest / Jumping rate visit / 2nd diurnal visits at Kirindy forest.
    9. Morondava – Manja – Andavadoaka – Ambatomiloha – Ifaty:
      Road taxes
      A sport-utility vehicle (SUV) during 7 days (pick up and drop-off)
      A ferry boat on Bevoay river
    10. Andringitra national park: Tickets and a local guide in Andringitra national Park / All camping equipment during the hike / Porters / Full board in Andringitra national park / One 4×4 car or motor bikes (during 2 days) / Mineral water during the hike
    11. Excursion on Pangalana canal: Picnic lunch on Pangalana canal / a boat and boatmen / a local guide.
    12. Train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara:Train tickets / A local guide
    13. Transfer by car: Ivato airport – Antananarivo city / Antananarivo city – Ivato aero port.

    For a single person: € 7600
    For two persons: € 4350

    Best time: July to the end of November.

    Day 1: Ivato airport – Antananarivo city – hotel

    Upon your arrival at Ivato International Airport, we will greet you and transfer to a hotel located in the city center. After check-in, we’ll take care of all necessary formalities and can assist you with exchanging your currency to local money. Overnight at Chalet des Roses hotel, standard room.

    Day 2: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Hotel

    We’ll drive from your hotel towards Antsirabe, passing through beautiful mountainous landscapes and lush rice paddies. Along the way, we’ll make stops for photos and admire the red laterite houses of the Imerina people. In Ambatolampy, we’ll see its renowned aluminum workshops and learn about the local transport, “taxi-brousses”. It’s also the repair center for taxi-brousses (the popular local transport).. Upon arrival in Antsirabe, also known as “The Malagasy Vichy” (Thermal baths)., We’ll explore the city, visit tailors and gemstone shops Overnight at Flower Palace hotel, comfort room

    Day 3: Antsirabe – Miandrivazo – Hotel

    After breakfast around 9 am, we’ll head towards Miandrivazo, which should take around 6 hours. As we drive, you’ll see some stunning scenery and pass through small towns and villages. We’ll stop at a local village for lunch to experience Malagasy cuisine and culture. In Malagasy, a restaurant is often called a “hotely,” which can also refer to a hotel or inn. It’s common for small rural restaurants to be attached to guesthouses or lodgings. In the late afternoon, we’ll arrive in Miandrivazo, check into our hotel, and rest for the night. Don’t forget to ask the hotel staff for help ordering your dinner. Overnight at La Pirogue hotel, standard room.

    Day 4: Miandrivazo – Masiakapy – Tsiribihina river delta -Tsiribihina river on motor boat – Nosinapela waterfall – Berevo – Camping

    After breakfast, transfer to Masiakapy by private car and transfer again by zebu cart to the start point of our Tsiribihina river tour. Here, we will start the calm water river journey on the majestic Tsiribihina river. You can sit back, relax and enjoy many beautiful landscapes and many kinds of wild animals like: Herons, Wild ducks, Parrots, Raptor birds, Kingfishers, Chameleons and Butterflies.
    In the midday, we cross the massif of Bemaraha. It overflows with a fantastic landscape, deciduous forest with its lemurs and the marvelous sounds of birds.
    In the afternoon, we will have a shower under the best waterfall of Madagascar: “Nosinapela” and its natural swimming-pool. After this nice waterfall, we keep cruising toward Berevo village where we will set up camp on a sand bank, build a fire and cook your dinner. Enjoy your meal, the sounds of the river and watch the sun go down. We sit around the campfire where songs can be sung in honor of the guide…:-)

    Day 5: Tsiribihina river – Belo sur Tsiribihina – Bekopaka – Hotel

    We’ll spend a half-day on a motorboat, enjoying lunch on-board before arriving at the Belo sur Tsiribihina port. Our vehicles will be waiting for us there, and we’ll load our baggage and say “veloma” or goodbye to the boatmen. We’ll then hop into Malagasy sport-utility vehicles and begin the 4.5-hour drive on a rough road to Bekopaka. Along the way, we’ll cross the Manambolo River on a small ferry before reaching Bekopaka village. Once we arrive, you can check into your hotel and relax. Overnight at Olympe de Bemaraha hotel, standard lodge bungalow.

    Day 6: Bekopaka – Big tsingy (Andamozavaky circuit) – Bekopaka – Hotel

    Explore the intricate network of canyons and primary forest, marveling at the clusters of limestone sculpted by centuries of rainfall. This area is one of the most captivating sites in Madagascar and is home to the impressive Sifaka lemurs. After our hike, you can retire to your hotel for some well-deserved rest. Overnight at Olympe de Bemaraha hotel, standard lodge bungalow.

    Day 7:Bekopaka – Gorge de Manambolo – Small Tsingy (Andadoany circuit) – Bekopaka – Hotel

    Take a tranquil pirogue boat ride through the river gorge, where towering cliffs loom overhead with vertical walls carved by the flowing water. Immerse yourself in the impressive silence and serenity of the surroundings. Afterward, visit the small Tsingy for an unforgettable experience. Overnight at Olympe de Bemaraha hotel, standard lodge bungalow.

    Day 8: Bekopaka – Belo sur Tsiribihina – Kirindy forest – Night walk – Hotel

    Visit to the Kirindy Forest Reserve, located 60 km north of Morondava. Kirindy forest is about 10,000 ha, it used to be managed by the Swiss, hence its nickname ‘Swiss forest’. This reserve is pursuing several goals: the preservation of several species of diurnal and nocturnal lemurs and the presence of animals like the Fosa and Giant jumping rat. It also protects the unique freshwater turtle of Madagascar. The reserve furthermore houses 45 species of birds and 32 species of reptiles.
    Overnight at Kiridy Forest hotel , ecolodge Bungalow.

    Day 9: Kirindy forest – Diurnal visit – Kirindy forest – Baobabs alley – Morondava – Hotel

    Our first part of the trip ends here: We make some stops at about 25 km from Morondava to visit the sacred Baobab, the Baobabs in love and the majestic avenue des Baobabs.
    Overnight at Laguna Beach hotel, comfort room

    Day 10: Morondava – Belo sur Mer – Hotel

    Departure by 4×4 for a 80 km track up to the beautiful little village of sinners Belo sur mer. It is famous for the manufacturing of dhows. Wonderful little village by the sea with crystal clear water.
    Overnight at Belo beach hotel, ecolodge Bungalow

    Day 11: Belo sur Mer – Manja – Hotel

    The 4×4 will take us inland to the small farming town of Manja.
    Overnight at Nirina hotel, mid-range room

    Day 12: Manja – Andavadoaka – Hotel

    After breakfast, we take the 4×4 and drive towards the charming city of Morombe, through a beautiful and versatile landscape. We cross the river at the village of Mangoky Bevoay. The Baobabs are quite ubiquitous in this region of the big island. After about 45 km, we reach the wonderful site of Andavadoaka.
    Overnight at Coco Beach hotel, mid-range room

    Day 13: Andavadoaka – Ambatomiloha – Hotel

    Today we drive along the beautiful coastal trail in our 4×4, we will only see some zebu carts on this road. We cross a huge forest of spiny topped Baobabs before arriving in the overwhelmingly charming village of Ambatomiloha by the sea. Enjoy the pristine white sandy beaches and dunes where you might find some pieces of the eggs of the elephant bird.
    Overnight at Shangri-la Lodge hotel, lodge bungalow

    Day 14: Ambatomiloha

    Today is a resting day. You have the opportunity to relax, take a walk, diving, snorkeling or make a canoe trip along the coast.
    Overnight at Shangri-la Lodge hotel, lodge Bungalow

    Day 15 : Ambatomiloha

    Another resting day.
    Overnight at Shangri-la lodge hotel, lodge Bungalow

    Day 16: Ambatomilo – Ifaty – Reniala baobabs – Turtle reserve – Ifaty -Hotel

    Ambatomiloha and Ifaty both offer stunning coastal views, and stopping for lunch at Ankasy lodge hotel is sure to be a treat.
    After lunch, driving again for 2 hours more and we reach Mangily Ifaty where we are visiting the Baobabs reserve and Turtle reserve. The Baobabs reserve is home to some of the most magnificent Baobabs trees in the world, and the Turtle reserve also offers a chance to see these majestic creatures up close.
    Once you’ve finished your tours, heading back to the hotel to relax, must sound like a perfect way to cap off the day.
    Enjoy your travels and visits!
    Overnight at Nautilus hotel, comfort bungalow

    Day 17: Ifaty – Tulear – Zombitsy vohibasia park – Isalo window – Ranohira – Hotel

    After breakfast, we continue our costal trail and arrive in Tulera where the 4×4 car will end and here then we take another car and a driver. Tulear is the largest city in the south, also known as the “city of the sun”.
    We continue on road RN 07 and drive through a landscape of thorny flora, typical of the south. In this area there also are the beautiful tombs of the Mahafaly tribe (one of the many ethnic groups in Madagascar).
    Around noon, we have a short visit to spot another species of Lemurs and the baobabs Andasonia Gradidierie, in the heart of the Zombitsy Vohibasia Reserve.
    Then we drive through the sapphire town Ilakaka. In 1998, a farmer of Zebu found a sapphire here and since then this gemstone has been extracted from the ground on a large scale. At the end of the afternoon, we arrive at Ranohira for our hotel check in.
    Overnight at Orchidee hotel, comfort room.

    Day 18: Ranohira – Isalo national park – Ranohira – Hotel

    We’ll drive to the natural swimming pool and park the car before entering the park. The landscapes are breathtaking, carved by wind and water. After walking 3 km, we’ll reach the natural oasis pool, Piscine Naturelle, where you can swim. We’ll continue walking through the dry deciduous forest to Namaza campsite, where we’ll have a picnic lunch. Then we’ll visit Cascade des Amoureux and swim in the blue and black pools before walking back to the campsite. We’ll drive back to the hotel from Namaza’s parking lot.

    Overnight at Orchidee hotel, comfort room

    Day 19: Ranohira – Anjaha reserve – Ambalavao – Hotel

    We will continue our journey through the large and monotonous Horombe plateau, home of the Bara tribes, zebu breeders. We drive through the city of Ihosy to look at Ifadana peak (1.025m), nicknamed “The bishops Cap” because of its shape. Another 18km before we enter the town of Ambalavao and the beautiful little Anjaha Reserve, rich with plants and wildlife (Many ring-tailed lemurs).
    The ride is pretty long but beautiful and we can have as many (photo) stops you want. In the afternoon, we check in our hotel.
    Overnight at Tsianiparihy hotel , standard lodge Bungalow

    Days 20: Ambalavao – Namoly valley – Andringitra national park – Hiking – Andriapotsy camp site – Camping

    Andringitra National Park is a haven for nature lovers, offering a diverse range of flora and fauna to explore. The park has various hiking circuits of different difficulty levels, allowing visitors to hike at their own pace. After shopping for picnics and hiking food, we drive to Namoly Valley, the entrance to the park. Here, we obtain permits and hire a local guide and porters before embarking on a 4-5 hour hike from Namoly Valley (1740m altitude) to Andriampotsy Campsite (2100m altitude). The hike involves a 400m elevation gain and we will have a picnic break midway.
    Overnight at the campsite

    Day 21: Andriapotsy camp site – Peak boby – Andriapotsy camp site – Namoly valley – Ambalavao – Fianarantsoa – Hotel

    We will wake up at an early hour of 3 am to embark on a thrilling adventure to explore the second highest mountain in Madagascar, “Peak Boby.” With an altitude of 2658m, it takes a 2-hours climb of 400m positive level to reach the summit. The breathtaking views from the peak make it an unforgettable experience, and we can capture the stunning scenery through photography. After we have taken in the beauty of “Peak Boby,” we will descend back to Andriampotsy campsite, which takes another 2 hours of descent with a 400m negative level. We will have a delicious breakfast at the campsite before continuing our journey back to Namoly valley. The walk back from Andriampotsy to Namoly valley is a 4-hours trekk with a 400m negative level. Once we arrive at Namoly valley, we will have a picnic lunch before we take our vehicle and drive for 3 hours to reach Ambalavao. Continuing to Fianarantsoa, the journey will be short but filled with exciting sights to see along the way. It’s worth learning about Fianarantsoa’s rich history and its connection to education, particularly through Queen Ranavalona’s establishment of schools.
    Overnight at Zomatel hotel, suite junior room

    Day 22: Fianarantsoa – Train – Manakara – Hotel

    Riding the passenger train from Fianarantsoa to Manakara is a one-of-a-kind experience that you’ll never forget. This is the only active passenger train in Madagascar, offering stunning views of cliffs, valleys, waterfalls, and the TANALA tribe’s way of life. It’s fascinating to see how locals utilize the train for the transportation of goods, such as bananas and coffee, to the big cities or for export. To embark on this adventure, we will enjoy an early morning breakfast and then drive to the Fianaratsoa train station. The train departs before 8 am and winds through the countryside until it reaches Manakara. The journey takes several hours, and we can expect to arrive in Manakara by 5 pm. Upon arrival in Manakara, we will transfer to our hotel and check-in. This will be an excellent opportunity to relax and recharge after a long journey and to prepare for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.
    Overnight at Delice hotel , standard room

    Day 23: Manakara – Excursion on the Pangalane canals – Manakara – Hotel

    Exploring the Pangalana canal on a cruise is an adventurous and captivating experience. It’s intriguing to witness the unique way of life of the Antaimore tribe, who rely on fishing and hunting for survival along the riverbanks. During the excursion, we’ll have the opportunity to savor a delicious lunch amidst the shade of trees and relish freshly caught fish. Afterward, we’ll visit a local factory that specializes in producing essential oils extracted from the leaves of “Niaouli” trees. Additionally, we’ll get a chance to witness the fascinating carnivorous plants on the riverbank. In summary, it’s a remarkable day brimming with cultural encounters, natural marvels, and exciting escapades.
    Overnight at Delice hotel, standard room

    Day 24: Manakara – Ranomafana – Night walk – Ranomafana – Hotel

    After breakfast ,we will drive towards Ranomafana national park. The flora and fauna of this 41,000 hectares park are very diverse and often unique in the world. Ranomafana is one of the most famous parks in Madagascar and also very important to the island. The park was established in 1991 after the discovery of the golden bamboo lemur. There are 114 species of birds and 12 species of lemurs then many orchids. You can also visit the hot spring that feeds a thermal pool and spa. Thanks to its composition the water of this sulphureous pool allows for curative treatment.

    On midday, we arrive at Ranomafana and hotel check in .
    At 05 pm, we get ready for a night walk outside the national park to watch the nocturnal animals, such as the Brown Mouse lemur, Chameleons, Frogs, etc.
    We come back to the hotel and have dinner.
    Overnight at Manja hotel, standard room

    Day 25: Ranomafana – Ranomafana national park – Ambositra – Hotel

    Ranomafana national park is known for its lush humid tropical forest and diverse wildlife, including several species of lemurs and birds. The Grey Bamboo lemur, Milne-Edwards Sifaka and Golden Bamboo lemur are the main attraction animals in this park. We spend 4 hours visit at this wonderful park.

    After visiting the park, we’ll make our way to Ambositra, a city famous for its Malagasy arts, particularly wood carvings and embroidery. This would be a great opportunity to explore the local arts and crafts scene and perhaps pick up a unique souvenir or two. And once you check into your hotel, you can take some time to relax and unwind after a busy day of exploring.
    Overnight at Artisan hotel, standard bungalow

    Day 26: Ambositra – Antananarivo – Hotel

    Before departing for Antananarivo, we will make a stop in Ambositra to visit Victor’s workshop and purchase some souvenirs. If you prefer, we can also explore the local shopping areas. After leaving Ambositra, we’ll break for lunch in Antsirabe before continuing our journey with a 4-hours drive to the north of Antsirabe, eventually reaching Antananarivo. Upon arrival, it’s recommended to take some time to unwind and recharge at the hotel.
    Overnight at Chalet des Roses hotel, standard room

    Day 27: Antananarivo – Peyrieras reptiles reserves – Andasibe – Night walk – Andasibe – Hotel

    We ‘ll be meeting at the Chalet des Roses hotel in Antananarivo at 7:30 am, and then driving to Andasibe. During the morning, we’ll be visiting a reptile farm to see all the different species of chameleons that are found in Madagascar.
    After the visit, you’ll have some time for lunch before continuing our drive to Andasibe. Once we arrive there, we’ll check into our hotel and meet our local guide to discuss the night walk and the next visits . During the walk, we’ll be searching for nocturnal lemurs, including the mouse lemur, as well as other species of nocturnal animals. After the walk, we’ll drive back to the hotel.
    Overnight at Feon’ny Ala hotel, standard lodge bungalow

    Day 28: Andasibe – Analamazaotra national park – Ilot de lodge Vakona – Antananarivo – Hotel

    Upon arrival at the park office, a guide tour can be arranged to explore the abundant biodiversity in the area. The park boasts numerous species of lemurs, birds, and reptiles, with the chance to catch a glimpse of the largest lemur species, Indri indri. Following a 4-hours excursion, we can head over to Vakona restaurant for a well-deserved lunch. Afterward, we’ll visit the Vakona lodge ilot to witness other types of lemurs, such as the Bamboo lemur, Varrecia Varregatta, and Brown Lemur. Finally, we’ll return to Antananarivo, with an estimated arrival time of around 8 pm.
    Overnight at Chalet des Roses hotel , standard room

    Day 29: Antananarivo – Upper town in Tana – Digeu market – Ivato airport – Flying out

    If time allows, we will make a stop at the Upper Town of Antananarivo, which overlooks the city and offers breathtaking panoramic views. Then, we will continue our drive and make a stop at the lovely Digue market to browse for souvenirs. This market offers a wide selection of authentic and one-of-a-kind Malagasy crafts and products. After shopping, we will drive you to Ivato airport for your flight back home.