Southern Delight Madagascar

From Tana we travel south and visit all the highlights of the south. 3 national Parks, an unforgettable ride on Mada’s only train, cruise the beautiful tranquil Pangalana Channels and discover the paradise beaches of Ifaty and Anakao.

Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Fianarantsoa – Train of Manakara – Cruise along the Pangalana Channel in Manakara – Night walk in Ranomafana – Ranomafana National Park – Ambalavao – Andringitra National Park (Hikes and Camping) – Isalo Nationla Park – Zombitsy Vohibasia Park – Tuléar – Ifaty Resort – Tulear – Anakao Beach – Tulear – Fianarantsoa – Antananarivo – Ivato airport – Flying out.


  1. Transport: A Private vehicle / Fuel / A driver /An assistant guide / Antananarivo – Antsirabe / Antsirabe – Ambositra – Fianarantsoa / Manakara – Pangalana Channel – Manakara / Manakara – Ranomafana – Night walk in Ranomafana – Ranomafana / Ranomafana – Ranomafana National Park – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao / Ambalavao – Anjaha Reserve – Ranohira / Ranohira – Isalo National Park – Ranohira – Isalo Window – Ranohira / Ranohira – Zombitse Vohibasia – Tulear – Ifaty / Ifaty – Tulear – Tulear port / Tulear port – Tulear – Fianarantsoa / Fianarantsoa – Ambositra – Antananarivo – Ivato air port.
  2. Accommodation:Antananarivo (1 night), Antsirabe (1 night), Fianarantsoa (1 night), Manakara (2 nights), Ranomafana (1 night), Ambalavao (2 nights),Camp(1night), Ranohira (2 nights), Ifaty (1 night), Anakao (3 nights), Fianarantsoa (1 night).
  3. Continental breakfast:Antananarivo, Antsirabe, Fianarantsoa, Manakara, Ranomafana, Ambalavao, Ranohira, Ifaty, Anakao, Fianarantsoa.
  4. Transfer by car:Ivato aero port – Antananarivo city / Antananarivo city – Ivato aero port .
  5. Parks and local Guides:Night walk in Ranomafana / Ranomafana National Park / Anjaha Reserve (Anja Park) / Isalo National Park / Zombitsy Vohibasia Park.
  6. Andringitra National Park:The tickets and the local guide in Andringitra national Park / All camping equipments during hiking / The porters / Full board in the National Park / One 4×4 car or motor bikes (during 2 days) / Mineral water.
  7. Train ticket:Fianarantsoa – Manakara.
  8. Transfer by motorbike:Tulear port – Anakao port (Anakao ocean Lodge hotel) / Anakao port (Anakao ocean Lodge hotel ) – Tulear airport.
  9. Excursion:Manakara – Pangalana Channel – Manakara (On local boat).

Solo traveler: € 5865
Two people: Two people : € 6530 or € 3265 per person
More than 3 people: price on request.

The best time: March till December / January.

Madagascar national parks – day to day program

Day 1: Arrival at Ivato Aero Port – Antananarivo – Hotel

We will meet at the International Airport of Ivato and we transfer you to the hotel in the center of Antananarivo city. Overnight at ‘Radisson Appartement hotel’, suite premium room.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Antsirabe –Hotel

We will meet at the hotel and then drive to Antsirabe. A trip through a beautiful landscape where you’ll see the life of the Merina tribe along the road side. Antsirabe (the hot spring city): semi precious stones, craftsmen who make amazing souvenirs. Overnight at ‘Flower palace Hotel’, comfort room.

Day 3: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Fianarantsoa – Hotel

After breakfast, driving to Fianarantsoa
To see : life of the Betsileo tribe – Beautiful rice fields and terraces. We will stop for lunch in Ambositra where you can shop for a fantastic variety of handicrafts and souvenirs: woodcarving and wood-inlay boxes, tin model Citroens and pousse-pousse rickshaws. Overnight at La Zomatel hotel, suite junior room.

Day 4: Fianarantsoa to Manakara by Train ride – Hotel

Fianarantsoa is connected to Manakara on the east coast by Madagascars only functioning passenger train service. The train leaves Fianarantsoa early morning and chugs on lines until Manakara. You will have the best views of the beautiful cliffs, misty valleys, nice waterfalls and the life of the TANALA tribe. Meet the local people who use the train to transport their goods, bananas and coffee to be sold and exported.

Arrival in Manakara around the evening.
Overnight at ‘DELICE  Hotel’, suite Room.

Day 5: Manakara – Pangalana Channel – Manakara – hotel

Meeting at the Hotel with a local guide and cruising along the Pangalana Channel with the local boat. To see: people of he Antaimoro tribe live in the small villages on the banks. Here you can stop to see eels and fishes drying in the sun

TROU du COMMISSAIRE – visit and talk with fishermen mending their wooden pirogues under the trees.  Overnight at ‘DELICE  Hotel’, suite Room.

Day 6: Manakara – Ranomafana – Night Walk In Ranomafana – Ranomafana – Hotel

Driving to Ranomafana National Park for half day. Around 6 pm: we meet the local guide to show us the nocturnal wildlife like the mouse lemur, frogs, chameleons, etc. Overnight at “THERMAL Hotel”, comfort Room.

Day 7: Ranomafana – Ranomafana National Park – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao – Hotel

Morning visit at Ranomafana National park. To see : The rain forest National Park with its Golden Bamboo lemurs, Birds, Reptiles and the biggest waterfall of the Namorona River.
After lunch, we drive towards Ambalavao and around the evening, arrival in Ambalavao, the red land town, also famous for having the largest Zebu market in Madagascar (every Wednesday) .

Overnight at ‘Tsianiparihy Lodge hotel’, standard lodge bungalow.

Day 8: Ambalavao – Namoly – Andringitra National Park – Camping

After the tour guide finished his shopping for the picnics and food for hiking and camping in Andringitra N.P., we drive to Namoly Valley (office and entrance to the National Park), Here we organize the permits, the local guide and the porters. Then we start our hike, from Namoly valley to Andriampotsy camp site. Overnight at the camp site.

Day 9: Andringitra National Park – Peak Boby – Namoly – Ambalavao – Hotel

Early in the morning, after breakfast we continue the hike to Peak Boby for an infinite 360° view of the stunning landscape. You probably going to make a thousand pictures of the Andringitra National Park, because it is truly amazing. From the top of Peak Boby you can see the Tsaranoro Massif in Camp Catta and also Ambalavao. We walk back to the car park and drive back to Ambalavao.  Overnight at ‘Tsianiparihy Lodge hotel’, standard lodge bungalow.

Day 10: Ambalavao – Anjaha Reserve – Ranohira – Hotel

After breakfast, a nice morning walk through Ambalavao. We visit biggest Zebu market in Mada (only Wednesday), a silk factory, boutique SOALANDY, a traditional paper factory (and Boutique), and the Soavita (Winery). Around 9 am we arriving at ‘Community Anjaha Reserve’. Here, we have the opportunity to watch troupes of ring-tailed lemurs on the impressive granite boulders. We continue south and see the pine trees thin out because the fertile soil of the highlands gives way to drier savannah, with cactus, termite mounds and the dust of the mid south. We reach our destination (Ranohira) late in the afternoon. Ranohira is situated on the edge of the Isalo National Park. Overnight at ‘Orchidee Nouvelle chamber hotel’, super comfort room.

Day 11: Ranohira – Isalo National Park – Ranohira – Isalo Window – Ranohira – Hotel

Full days visit to Isalo National Park. Beautiful and indefinite landscapes, tombs, a natural swimming pool, Lemurs, Sifakas, over 500 different species of plants, 80 Birds Species, valleys, canyons and waterfalls. Driving to the famous window of Isalo for sunset pictures and back to the hotel to relax. Overnight at ‘Orchidee Nouvelle chamber hotel’, super comfort room.

Day 12: Ranohira – Zombitse Vohibasia Park – Tulear – Ifaty – Hotel

After breakfast, we will continue to Tulear and stop for some photos at the “BOOM TOWN of Safire“ also known as Ilakaka. Then before driving trough the second Safire town, we have a short visit in Zombitse Vohibasia Park, to spot another specie of Lemurs and the Andasonia Baobabs in the hearth of the Reserve. Then we continue towards Tulear, destination ‘beautiful and relaxing beaches’ of Ifaty. Overnight at “BELLADONNA” Hotel, semi-luxury room.

Day 13: Ifaty – Tulear – Anakao – Hotel

After breakfast, early morning drive to Tulear, taking a speed boat to Anakao which is south of Tulear. Relaxing at Anakao. Overnight at ‘Anakao Ocean Lodge hotel’, standard lodge bungalow.

Day 14 and 15: Anakao

Overnight at ‘Anakao Ocean Lodge hotel’, standard lodge bungalow.

Day 16: Anakao – Tulear – Fianarantsoa – Hotel

After morning breakfast, we leave the beach and transfer you by motor boat to Tulear port then continue travelling back to Fianarantsoa. Late afternoon arrival in Fianaratsoa and stop for sleeping. Overnight at “La Zomatel” hotel, suite junior room.

Day 17: Fianarantsoa – Antananarivo – Ivato Aero Port – Fly Out

This morning, we depart from Fianarantsoa and return to Antananarivo, then transfer you Ivato airport for your flight back home. The tour ends at Ivato airport.


  1. Royal hill of Ambohimanga” tours (Antananarivo)
  2. Lemurs park’ tours (Antananarivo)
  3. Excursion to “Andraikiba and Tritriva Lakes” by bike (Antsirabe)
  4. Antoetra Zafimaniry” tours (Ambositra)
    – Ifasina Village (trek and hike for half day).
    – Sakaivo circuit(trek and hike for 2 or 3 days with camping)
  5. Ambalavao tours
    – ”Ambondrobe Sacred mountain” in Ambalavao(trek and hike for 2 or 3 days)
    – ”Peak chameleon circuit” in Tsaranoro valley
    – One day hike to “Anjaha reserve”
  6. Ranohira or isalo:
    – ”Grand tour in “isalo national park” for 7 days and 6 nights of camping
  7. Ambatomiloha and ankasy beaches costal trail tours:
    Day 1: Tulear – Transfer by 4×4 car to Ambatomiloha
    Day 2: Relax at Ambatomiloha (Sangrina – la lodge hotel)
    Day 3: Relax at Ambatomiloha (Sangrina – la lodge hotel)
    Day 4: Ambatomiloha – Ankasy (Ankasy lodge hotel)
    Day 5: Ankasy – Ifaty – Turtu and Baobabs Reserve visits – Tulear
    Day 6: Fly back to Antananarivo
  8. You can fly:
    Day 16: Anakao – Tulear – Tulear airport – Antananarivo – Hotel
    After morning breakfast, we leave the beach and transfer you by motor boat to Tulear port then transfer you by car again to Tulear airport. You fly back to Antananarivo. Transfer by car to Antananarivo City.
    Overnight at ‘Le Chalet des Roses Hotel’, standard room

Day 17: Antananarivo – Ivato airport – Fly Out
Today is the end of service .Transfer you to Ivato airport and fly out